Ereaders and Devices: Ebooks for Everyone Part 3

Researchers now have access to over one million ebooks from the University Libraries. Ebooks are an amazing resource that are available to the entire Virginia Tech community. To celebrate this landmark achievement, here is Part 3 of a new series titled “Ebooks for Everyone.”


Did you know that ebooks from the University Libraries can be accessed and read on your web browser? While using e-reader devices like Kindles, Nooks or corresponding iPad or Android apps allow for helpful features, they are not required.


We recommend these apps for reading most of our downloadable ebooks:

Few of our ebook platforms provide ebooks in an e-reader-ready format such as EPUB or Mobi, though the number is increasing. Many platforms use PDFs, which can be used on most devices. If the platform uses Digital Rights Management (DRM), you may need to take extra steps to get the ebook to work on your device. (See Part 2 of our Series: Digital Rights Management.)

Although the majority of our ebooks are not works of fiction, e-reader devices provide useful features such as bookmarking, zooming, adding annotations, and more. These features make for a more immersive reading experience, especially for students and researchers who may wish to consult multiple ebooks at once.


Looking for help with your e-reader? Here are some highlights from our collection:

The University Libraries does not provide direct e-reader support. E-reader troubleshooting, however, can be found from many ebook platforms like EBSCOHost, Wiley, HathiTrust, and more. To view documentation regarding e-reader support, please visit


Written by Maria Atilano, Creative Editor

Image by Pierre Gorissen